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Watch: Rashmika Mandanna serves up major fitness goals ahead of the festivities

Winning the fitness game is none other than Rashmika Mandanna, this pre-Diwali weekend, as she teamed up with her trainer in the gym to practice some legs and basic training. The Goodbye The actor was seen working out trainer Karan Sawhney in a post shared by the latter.

“@rashmika_mandanna and I win the upcoming Diwali weekend,” Sawhney said.

The video clip shows the duo working on their core as they balance on the medicine ball with weights, resistance band-supported side planks, and bicycle crunches.

Mandanna, who is a fitness enthusiast, takes his workouts seriously. Also on an earlier occasion, the duo were seen training together.

Sawhney shared the post and captioned it, “Rashmika Mandana and I kill rush hour #legs #fitness #core #health.

Why train the legs and core?

“Training your legs and core is important not only before the festivities, but throughout the year, as incidences of back and hip pain are reduced by training these muscles. the extra workload during the festivities, training your core will keep your body strong and pain free,” said Vinti Maheshwari, corrective exercise specialist. indianexpress.com.

Here’s why to stick to your fitness plan before the festivities can help you.

According to experts, one should exercise regularly, which should consist of both aerobic and anaerobic workouts to control body fat levels and food cravings.

“Add some exercise to your day and keep busy with a little practice. It improves the condition of your digestive system and for a high metabolism. Exercise helps improve our eating habits and sleep cycle, and helps improve immunity,” said Shruti Naidu, Food and Nutrition Expert/Quality Assurance and Food Excellence Manager at ToneOp. indianexpress.com.

Count on these do’s and don’ts for a joyous and festive season ahead!

“The festive season is already in full swing, which makes it even more important to be careful about what we eat and drink in order to keep our digestive systems healthy. There are many things we need to do during Diwali to avoid to be negatively affected after Diwali, but these small changes and some eating habits will help. maintain your health“, said Naidu.

To do

* Maintain healthy eating habits. Our gut is greatly affected by the type of food we eat, which is why maintaining healthy eating habits is crucial. Eat moderately. Try to eat home-cooked meals.
* Eat high fiber foods and choose a high fiber diet, such as nuts, sprouts, fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps with digestion and the maintenance of healthy intestines.
*Add probiotic foods to your diet, such as cottage cheese, chaas, idli and homemade chutneys. Probiotic foods support healthy gut flora and help speed up digestion. Plus, the help of beneficial bacteria prevents bloating, gas, and gastrointestinal issues.
*Roasted/grilled foods help you avoid consuming refined oil, which is good for metabolism. Refined oil slows down your metabolism, raises bad cholesterol levels and promotes unhealthy weight gain. This is why roasted/grilled foods are much more beneficial for your health and your heart
*Stay hydrated. With the preparations for the festival and all the work around the house, it becomes difficult for someone to keep track of drinking water. However, drinking water is essential for detoxification and helps to digestion. It is not only important to drink an appropriate amount in an appropriate space between hours.

Here’s why you should stick to your fitness routine (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Not to do

* Avoid skipping meals and gorging yourself. Either way, you’re setting your stomach up for acid reactions and other problems. We are so busy hanging out with people during festivals that we sometimes skip meals and overeat. Instead, eat small meals and include healthy fiber-rich foods in your diet. eating chickens, peanutsand dried fruits at regular intervals keep your digestion moving and don’t upset your stomach.
* Sleeping late during holidays is a new trend among teenagers, and the nightlife has proven to be very active among young people. You need 6-7 hours of quality sleep each night. Sleeping on time benefits your body in various ways. Getting enough rest allows your body to recharge and prepare for the next day,” Naidu said.

* Avoid consumption of fried and sugary foods. Small bites are good enough to satisfy your craving for snacking
*Don’t stress too much. Our body tends to react with stomach aches when very stressed. It is therefore a sign to reduce stress and keep your mind free.
* Late night meals are never the go-to option. To keep your digestive system healthy, try to avoid late-night snacking. But as the festival season has arrived, we tend to have late light snacks with our family. Try making these snacks healthy by adding roasted makhana or choosing to drink a cup of hot milk.

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