Does walking count as a cardio workout?

Does walking count as a cardio workout?

Walking is perhaps the most accessible type of physical activity there is. If you’re just starting your fitness journey or recovering from an injury, this is the perfect way to start moving your body.

But sometimes you can be out for a walk and inevitably come across a runner passing you (uphill, no less). When this happens, it can be easy to compare yourself to them. Does walking even count as cardio? Can you save it as an exercise on your smartwatch?

In short, yes and yes. “Many people are concerned that walking is not difficult or intense enough to be considered effective exercise, however, walking is a very beneficial and simple form of exercise with options for increasing intensity and challenge, and it’s one of the types of physical activity recommended by the CDC,” says Shellie Wingatepersonal trainer and certified health coach specializing in helping women over 40.

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