A woman walks through a park on a sunny autumn morning

Walking to lose weight: two gadgets to increase the number of steps

It may sound too good to be true, but not only is it possible to lose weight by walking alone, it’s one of the ways to lose weight sustainably. Most people will recommend running as the best way to lose weight with cardio, but they often overlook crucial details, such as the impact of running on the joints of heavier people.

For those just starting out on their fitness journey, walking offers a low-intensity, low-impact alternative to running, which can help beginners stay on track, which is the hardest part of walking. shaping. Not to mention, your walking experience can be further enhanced by the right gear, whether it’s a dedicated treadmill (check out one of our best under-desk treadmills or scroll down for learn more) or a wearable device such as the best fitness trackers.

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