Michael O’Shea

NC House 117 Candidate Profile: Michael O’Shea

The Times-News is broadcasting the responses of the two candidates in the race for District 117 of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

The seat is currently held by Republican Tim Moffitt, who is now running for North Carolina Senate District 48.

Democrat Michael O’Shea takes on Republican Jennifer Balkcom.

If you are elected, what are your main political priorities?

We need to expand Medicaid, protect our reproductive rights, support public education and raise teacher salaries, protect our environment, raise salaries for vital public workers like police and firefighters, legalize cannabis (and do it in a way that gives priority to small family farms rather than large agricultural monopolies), to develop rural broadband and to increase the minimum wage. There are many issues that have broad bipartisan support that would help people tremendously, but the General Assembly has been dragging its feet for more than a decade on these issues under the scrutiny of GOP lawmakers. It’s time for Raleigh politicians to start delivering real solutions to the problems facing working families, because we can’t afford any more inaction.

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