Researchers have found that making

How Doing Simple Soleus Exercises at Your Desk Can Improve Metabolic Health and Burn Fat

Groundbreaking Research Reveals This TINY Exercise You Can Do While Sitting Burns Fat Fast – And Could Change The Health Of Billions Of Office Workers Forever

  • Scientists have discovered the main health benefits of doing a simple exercise
  • Soleus push-ups can be performed seated by lifting the heel off the ground repeatedly
  • The soleus muscle is part of the calf and can be worked without fatigue
  • 25 participants did 270 minutes of seated soleus push-ups throughout the day
  • Researchers have found that it improves blood sugar and speeds up metabolism

A new study has found that simple, low-effort exercise can dramatically boost your metabolism and burn fat – all while sitting at your desk.

Researchers at the University of Houston have found that doing continuous “soleus push-ups,” even while seated, can speed up metabolism and improve blood sugar regulation.

The study explained that the soleus muscle is a large muscle that runs along the back of the leg and is essential for standing, walking and running.

Scientists recently found that working the soleus muscle simply by repeatedly lifting your heel while seated is more effective at regulating blood sugar than exercise, weight loss and intermittent fasting – which is good news for everyone. leg spasms.

Researchers have found that doing ‘soleus push-ups’, by working the powerful muscle in the back of the leg, can improve metabolic health and burn fat

Popular neuroscientist Dr Andrew Huberman spoke about the study on his Huberman Lab podcast saying the research is “very exciting” for those who want to improve their health but don’t have time to move and do. exercise as much as they want.

How to make a solar pump?

Your goal is to shorten the calf muscle.

  1. Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your muscles relaxed.
  2. Raise your heel keeping your toes on the ground.
  3. Release the heel when it is at the peak of its movement and rest it on the ground.

It is a movement similar to walking, performed in a seated position.

However, it consumes much more energy and since the muscle does not tire, you can maintain it longer.


“This study focused on how people who sit for much of the day and have little or no physical movement and may not even exercise at all, can improve their metabolism and utilization of glucose,” he explained.

“People were doing soleus push-ups all the time and they were looking at things like blood sugar utilization…they were looking at metabolism and so on.”

Soleus push-ups can be performed by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, then raising your heels with your toes on the floor, putting it back, and repeating.

The movement requires extremely little effort because the soleus is so powerful that it does not wear out or tire.

“In fact, you could walk on this muscle all day and it probably wouldn’t hurt,” Dr. Andrew said.

The study focused on 25 men and women of different ages, body mass indexes and fitness levels to see if doing soleus push-ups for 270 minutes or four and a half hours each day would have an effect on metabolism and blood sugar.

“People who did these soleus push-ups experienced dramatic improvements in blood sugar regulation and metabolism despite the fact that soleus makes up only one percent of total musculature,” Dr. Andrew said.

It saw a 52% improvement in blood sugar fluctuations and a 60% reduction in insulin requirements after a meal.

Four hours of soleus pumps with breaks reduced blood fat levels and doubled fat metabolism.

Soleus push-ups can be performed by sitting or standing with feet flat on the floor, then raising heels with toes on the floor, placing them back and repeating

Soleus push-ups can be performed by sitting or standing with feet flat on the floor, then raising heels with toes on the floor, placing them back and repeating

The simple repetitive motion can sustain “high oxidative metabolism” for hours, which improves blood sugar regulation and, in turn, burns fat, according to lead researcher Marc Hamilton.

“We never imagined this muscle would have this kind of ability. It’s always been inside our bodies, but no one has ever sought to use it to optimize our health, until now,” said the professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston. .

“When activated correctly, the soleus muscle can elevate local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours, not just minutes.”


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