Mat Fraser - Hard Work Pays Off: Lessons From The Fittest Man On The Planet - London Real

Mat Fraser – Hard Work Pays Off: Lessons From The Fittest Man On The Planet – London Real

Many of you know how seriously I take my daily routine. The non-negotiable habits that I incorporate into my life to ensure that I am present, accountable, focused, and able to achieve the highest levels of performance possiblebut it’s not easy and takes discipline and a deep understanding of what works.

My daily routine has been forged over the years and I have enjoyed spending time with some the most successful and successful individuals on the planet. Almost everyone I interviewed taught me something about success, failure, or overcoming life’s challenges.



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This is how I was able to pursue my passions and maintain success in everything from my business to my relationships. It’s also why I’m always on the lookout for guests who can provide inspiration and added value not just for me, but for you, the viewers.

Joining me live in the London Real studio today, he is a man who has pushed his body to the absolute limits and has been recognized across the world as someone who is second to none. Yes, Mat Fraser, five-time CrossFit Games champion makes its long-awaited appearance in the series, to explain exactly how he became the fittest man on the planetand the processes and mindset it took to achieve such high status.

The CrossFit Games is a tournament that tests every aspect of fitness imaginable, from endurance and speed to strength and agility in a range of challenging and ever-changing disciplines, is truly the definitive test of one’s physique and leaves little imagination when it comes to narrowing down the best overall athlete on the planet.

Mat’s first appearance at the Games was in 2014, when he won the title of Rookie of the Year. As a newcomer to the sport, Mat relied on his experience as a National Junior Weightlifting Champion and old Resident athlete to Olympic training center in Colorado. He was strong and powerful but lacked the cardio fitness and skill set to fight for the top honor.

Mat returned a year later in 2015, but again came up short, finishing in second place. It was a wake-up call and a defining moment in Mat’s life. Should he continue to push his body to the brink, give up his social life and maintain his strict lifestyle or fall back on his academic achievements and pursue a more ordinary life?

Mat chose the path that very few men and women take. He crouched down and pushed himself harder than he thought possible. No stone was left unturned and every sacrifice imaginable was made. Mat returned in 2016 and won the tournament by a record winning margin. He then won again in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. He became the most successful athlete in the history of the CrossFit Games and unequivocally fittest man on the planet.

His achievements are even more remarkable when one considers that Mat broke his back in two places during a junior weightlifting tournament many years earlier. The doctor at the time told him that he would never train again, that his dreams of becoming an Olympian were in tatters and that a long road to recovery awaited him.

Today, Mat spreads the word or at least his mantra – that ‘Hard work pays off’. This message has been the cornerstone of his philosophy and his approach to everything he does in life. And, by remembering these four words daily, he was able to become the best, not once, but five times.

“I will do today what others do not want to do. So I can do tomorrow what others cannot do.

Mat’s book unsurprisingly echoes that same sentiment and titled simply, ‘Hard work pays off’ is essentially a training manual. One that breaks down how you, regardless of your fitness level, or if you’ve tried CrossFit before, will be able to transform your body and mind by following step-by-step guidelines that promise maximum strength, endurance, speed and champion spirit.

Mat’s willful determination to be the best, his hunger, his desire and his unwavering commitment are a lesson for us all.. Consistency is something I always preach to my students. Show up every day and have a plan that you consistently follow with passion. Mat did just that and achieved superhero status.

Mat’s consistency and relentless attitude helped him achieve his goals. If you want to do the same, you might be the perfect candidate to join my Life Acceleration Program. Each month I take a small group of students through a strict process of non-negotiable daily habits that create truly focused, high-performing people who excel in all aspects of their lives. If you want to level up, don’t delay and make that lasting change today.

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