My workouts are out of this world thanks to the Meta Quest 2

My workouts are out of this world thanks to the Meta Quest 2

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I am not someone who works the same way every day. Call it boredom, call it noncommittal, call it what you want, but I’m tired of working out if I don’t shake things up once in a while. That’s why I like to find exciting new ways to do my daily exercise instead of buying fancy exercise equipment, even if that means working out in the most unconventional way. I don’t think I’m alone in this either, but the discovery of Meta Quest 2 was a game changer.

I admit I had seen and heard of people using VR headsets for training, but I had never even tried a VR headset until I started using one for training. exercise. The famous and respected Meta Quest 2 converted me to the world of virtual reality, and it’s unlikely I’ll find myself running on a treadmill or watching yoga on YouTube again anytime soon.

In just a few weeks, I went from boxing and mastering punches, to training with a pro trainer in faraway lands, to dancing to my favorite 90s hits, and running away from would-be assassins in games. virtual. No two workouts are the same when you put on the Meta Quest 2 headset and escape to another world, even if it’s within the confines of your living room.

Meta Quest 2 comes with a headset, two intuitive hand controls and a charger. There are no pesky wires to contend with unlike other VR systems, which makes getting around super easy to do. And even though I had never used a VR system before, it only took me about 15 minutes to set it up and get it working, especially since the system loads quickly. All I had to provide was my Facebook account and download the Oculus app, and from there it was a matter of selecting the best fitness apps suited to my specific workout desires, be it dance, yoga, cycling, boxing or meditation – the world was my oyster in the virtual world.

One of my main concerns with Meta Quest 2 was that the audio and visuals would be substandard, hard to see, or just plain cheesy, but the sound, clarity, and design of this system is truly unparalleled. You feel transported into these virtual, immersive spaces that completely envelop you, and from there you feel powerful and confident enough to take on any physical activity, even ones you never thought you’d try.

While I may have been unsure about trying a boxing class for the first time in person, the Meta Quest 2 gave me the luxury to learn on my own in confidence without fear of judgment from spectators or the fear of making many mistakes. And for those of you like me who bump into walls even if you’re just walking around in the real world, the Meta Quest 2 lets you push your physical limits so you don’t bump into things. with the helmet.

In terms of workouts, there are endless options to choose from, but you can read about them and choose from them on both the headset and the Oculus app to see which ones appeal to you the most.

To play it safe, I started with the highly rated and popular Supernatural app, which taught me how to box for the first time. I never knew I’d be able to jab or swing a solid left or right hook, but in no time I felt like I had the trick down and I could hold on. With this app, you’ll feel like you have your very own personal trainer with their music and movement guided workouts that will literally keep you on your toes all the time. Even though some of the workouts are relatively easy to follow, they will still challenge you and make you sweat as you move and jump. I felt like after ten minutes I had already done more than I usually do in my usual thirty minute workouts.

Another app I really enjoyed jumping into was Beat Saber, which has you dancing, dodging, and slicing through oncoming objects with your virtual lightsabers to fun music like Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish. Unlike other workouts I’ve done in the past, I didn’t wonder how much time I had left or if I could retire early without feeling too guilty for doing so. I was engaged and enthralled, which made the usually tedious task of working out all the more achievable.

I also enjoyed using my old stationary bike and pairing it with Met Quest 2 to take on the VZfit app, which allowed me to cycle through immersive and beautiful terrain from around the world – much better than pedaling and watch my white walls for a slow hour torture.

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I could go on about all the different fitness apps available on the Meta Quest 2, but the truth is there are some great workout opportunities available on this system. What I like the most about the VR system is the fact that even if you’re not aiming to train that day, you’ll find yourself getting a lot of exercise just by using it, even if that is only for game features.

You can also track your daily movements in Meta Quest 2, and what I was amazed to discover was that even just twenty to thirty minutes of using this tool accumulated more activity than usual in one whole day. It has made all the difference in achieving my fitness goals.

At $399, you might be wondering if the Meta Quest 2 is worth the expense as a workout tool, but considering the long-term costs of something like a monthly gym membership or expensive classes like pilates or yoga, you’ll probably make money using Meta Quest 2. panoramic views and *almost* addictive workouts you have at your disposal with this system.


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