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Overcoming the challenge of committing to exercise depends on these three things – ABC Everyday

Have you ever started an exercise routine to think to yourself, “What’s the point?”

The cycle of tossing your hat into the ring before taking the plunge is what is often referred to as a “defeating mindset” – and it’s not just you, professional athletes who deal with it, too.

So what do you do on days when you can’t find the motivation to move?

I had a chat with personal trainer and fitness instructor, Megan Waters, and sports psychologist, Emma Slade, to get their advice.

It helps to first understand your relationship to exercise

A self-destructive mindset is what sports psychologist Emma Slade describes as “thoughts, behaviors, and feelings” that make us feel like our end goal is impossible.

We are not born with this attitude – internal and external factors help shape this mindset, including our experience of exercise growing up.

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