I Am Navy Medicine – and Audiology Technician – Tabetha M. Sanders at NHB

I’m Navy Medicine – and Audiology Technician – Tabetha M. Sanders at NHB

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With October designated as Audiology Awareness Month, now is the time for everyone to listen, answer the call, and embrace the need for healthy hearing.

Amid the noisy industrial work environment of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, hearing conservation is considered mission critical for operational readiness.

Helping to prevent hearing loss and address hearing needs is Tabetha M. Sanders, audiology technician, assigned to SSNP Bremerton Detachment Navy Medicine Readiness Training.

“Taking care of your hearing is really important because once your hearing is gone, it’s gone,” Sanders, from Monroeville, Alabama, said – “Roll Tide!” – Graduated from Monroe County High in 1994, who earned her master’s degree in healthcare management from Colorado Tech University in 2018.

Sanders began her Navy career as a Material Handler and Supply Technician at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport prior to her current post.

“I’ve been interested in the medical field since I was very young,” commented Sanders, who started working as a medical assistant in 2000.

“Navy Medicine has given me the opportunity for a rewarding position,” added Sanders, who manages the audiometric test booth used to perform about 50 to 60 hearing tests on a daily basis. “I look forward to managing the hearing booth each day and advising each patient on their results and the importance of hearing protection.”

His duties also include managing construction site noise risk assessments, providing advice and information on hazardous noise and prevention strategies, and assisting with the correct fitting of hearing protection devices.

“Patients who have tinnitus, often described as ringing in the ears, may need more time to complete the hearing test because it may be difficult to hear the difference between the tinnitus or the tones presented for the hearing test. “, explained Sanders. “I always tell every patient to protect their hearing by wearing proper hearing protection when they are near or near hazardous noises.”

Sanders advises all of his noise-exposed patients to have their hearing checked annually to determine if there are any significant changes in their hearing over time as a result of exposure to hazardous noise.

I have the best supervisors. [Audiologists] Lt. Shanece Washington and Dr. Mark Miller are available to assist us with whatever it takes to ensure PSNS employees are trained on the proper hearing protection.

Sanders noted that with any hearing test performed, she specifically looks for dramatic changes in a patient’s hearing from their baseline or baseline hearing audiogram.

“We advise on hearing changes, review the auditory and non-auditory effects of hearing loss, how it can affect a patient’s quality of life, and discuss the importance of wearing hearing protection, as well than showing the patient how to wear it properly,” Sanders said.

With the Navy’s hearing conservation program based on the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, just being in a noisy military environment can be a challenge.

“No matter how strongly I recommend hearing protection, patients can experience hearing loss due to improper fit of their hearing protection and/or not using hearing protection correctly when surrounded by hazardous noise” , said Sanders, who acknowledges being rewarded by patients who listen and learn. “Make sure patients know that self-care is very important and should be a priority! Taking time for self-care has many benefits for a healthy life.

When asked to sum up his experience here with Navy Medicine in one sentence, Sanders enthusiastically replied, “Phenomenal! I love working at the PSNS branch clinic, my colleagues are the best and we couldn’t do our job without the occupational health technical team!

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