Samsung Medical Center Achieves Third HIMSS Validation This Year with Stage 6 DIAM

Samsung Medical Center Achieves Third HIMSS Validation This Year with Stage 6 DIAM

Samsung Medical Center has been validated for the HIMSS Stage 6 Digital Imaging Adoption Model, its third HIMSS Maturity Model accreditation this year.

The DIAM measures the capabilities of a healthcare organization in the provision of medical imaging.


SMC underwent the DIAM assessment to ensure it is up to global standards before embarking on an upgrade of its digital imaging system next year and before offering digital imaging services in the future. cloud-based imagery.

During validation, SMC was praised for having “excellent” corporate image governance arrangements in place, as well as strong clinical engagement and visible leadership from members of the management team. It also made all images available in context from the DME with adjacent reports.

Its ability to present related images from different modalities has proven useful for clinicians who wish to review a cardiac CT alongside cardiac ultrasound, or an image of a soft tissue injury alongside an X-ray. of the injured joint.

Additionally, SMC was praised for its security capabilities in protecting and printing sensitive images, as well as its ability to measure radiation doses by machine, patient and body site.

In preparation for further assessments, HIMSS recommended using an intrusion prevention system to prevent unauthorized access to EMR and other images. He also wanted SMC to consider implementing image-related clinical decision support tools to help clinicians order the most appropriate exams or studies.

SMC should also define its external image exchange capabilities as part of its digital imaging strategy. According to HIMSS, this strategy should describe how images can be shared with other healthcare providers, shared for telehealth consultation, shared with patients, and with mobile devices outside of hospital walls.


SMC’s DIAM validation follows its awards for Stage 6 of the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model in August and Stage 7 of the Infrastructure Adoption Model in April, which was a world first.

It is the third healthcare organization in the world and the second in Asia-Pacific to be validated for Stage 6 DIAM. Apollo Hospitals in India got the same award in June this year.

The hospital is currently working to obtain the highest accreditation for DIAM. “Through this, we would like to become a world-class smart hospital,” said Jean Hyoung Lee, IT infrastructure manager at SMC.


Commenting on how the SMC team works, Andrew Pearce, HIMSS Vice President for Analytics and Head of Global Consulting, said, “The SMC team at all levels is committed to the mission and vision “with state-of-the-art medical technology. , we are focused on providing personalized treatments with exceptional health outcomes for patients with chronic diseases.’ This is underpinned by a strong governance and workforce foundation with clinician-led digital transformation.”

Dr. Rohini Omkar Prasad, Senior Digital Health Advisor at HIMSS, who was actively involved in the validation, explained, “SMC showcased advanced capabilities in its enterprise imaging with a great example of the use of AI in photography to recognize and stage a pressure injury. Additionally, imaging analytics have been deployed to support clinical decision algorithms to detect hitherto difficult-to-diagnose cases of brain aneurysms, pneumothorax and of early breast cancers. Working with their own, local and regional data to develop validated models underscores their commitment to improving the quality of clinical care for the population they serve in South Korea.”

“SMC is a hospital with world-class medical IT infrastructure and is the most advanced medical institution in South Korea. We are currently remodeling the hospital with a 10-year plan and fulfilling our seven major innovation tasks to become the hospital of the future. In connection with these changes, we plan to evolve our Digital Imaging system in 2023, as well as to offer a range of cloud-based Imaging services. have taken Stage 6 DIAM assessments to verify that our efforts are being conducted in accordance with global standards and to seek guidance and direction from HIMSS,” Lee said.

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