Cohen Veterans Network Hosts National Outpatient Mental Health Benchmarks Leadership Summit

Cohen Veterans Network Hosts National Outpatient Mental Health Benchmarks Leadership Summit

Leading mental health experts come together to improve quality
Standardization and Equity in Mental Health Care

STAMFORD, Conn., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a national nonprofit network of mental health clinics for post-9/11 veterans, service members and their families, launched its National Leadership Summit on Outpatient Mental Health Benchmarks in washington d.c. The event, funded by a grant from Oracle Cerner, a leading provider of digital information systems, brought together leading mental health experts including clinicians, researchers and industry leaders , and focuses on improving access, transparency, efficiency and equity in mental health. care. Participants will seek to identify opportunities to use benchmarks to improve the effectiveness, standardization, comparability and accountability of treatments in the field.

“Our commitment to quality care extends beyond veteran and military communities as our country faces unprecedented mental health challenges,” said Cohen President and CEO. Veterans Network, Dr. Anthony Hassan. “We view benchmarking as a critical step towards improving efficiency and supporting parity in mental health care. Collaboration in this area is critical, which is why we have brought together some of the best minds from the industry to share ideas and move the dialogue and efforts forward.”

The 1.5 day summit is a forum for thought leaders in the field of mental health to share ideas, perspectives and innovative ideas to develop consensus recommendations related to mental health benchmarks, quality and measurement-based care. CVN will publish a white paper detailing the conclusions of the summit.

“Benchmarking represents a major opportunity to improve the quality and effectiveness of mental health care across the country,” said Dr. Andy Keller, President and CEO of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute. “CVN’s leadership in convening this summit with the brightest minds in behavioral health care will help move the field forward toward much-needed equitable improvements to support quality mental health care for all who need it. need.”

The summit is led by the Cohen Veterans Network Institute for Quality (CVN-IQ). The institute, which launched earlier this year, uses research, innovation and collaboration with other military and veterans service agencies, mental health industry leaders and partners academics to improve treatment outcomes for veterans, service members and their families while improving their quality of life.

“CVN-IQ was created in part to solve problems and generate new ideas to improve mental health treatment outcomes,” says CVN-IQ Director Dr. David Link. “This summit does just that. We look forward to sharing the group’s insights and recommendations on industry standards to improve clinical care and advance the field.”

CVN has treated more than 45,000 clients since its inception in 2016. The network provides accessible, high-quality mental health services to post-9/11 veterans, active-duty members, and military family members through of its 22 Cohen clinics across the country. Treatment is available for a wide variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, anger, PTSD, grief and loss, family issues, transition issues, relationship problems and child behavior problems. Care is available in person or through CVN Telehealth, face-to-face video therapy.


Cohen Veterans Network (CVN) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic organization for post-9/11 veterans, active duty members and their families. CVN is focused on improving mental health outcomes, operating a network of outpatient mental health clinics in communities in need, in which trained clinicians provide holistic, evidence-based care to address mental health issues. Mental Health. It was created in 2016 by philanthropist Steven A. Cohen with a commitment of $275 million to build the network. Learn more about CVN here.

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