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OPTT Health announces partnership with Canary Speech to assess patients’ mental status using their voice

Kingston, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – Jan. 11, 2023) – OPTT Health, the New York-based AI-based mental health care provider, has announced a partnership with Canary Speech, the voice-based AI specialist in Utah.

The partnership will allow OPTT’s revolutionary toolkit for mental health care to increase its ease of use for patients, allowing them to interact with the service exclusively using their voice. The company hopes this will make the patient experience even more seamless and user-friendly, which is important for its use for long-term monitoring purposes.

According to the company, it will also increase the diagnostic efficiency of the toolkit, by integrating vocal and linguistic signifiers of symptoms of illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

OPTT’s products are AI-based technology solutions developed with the goal of providing clinicians with quantitative tools and data-driven insights to increase the level of care they provide, while maintaining the highest standard. of efficiency. It also aims to improve patients’ treatment journey and their commitments to their mental health care. The toolkit was developed based on the years of front-line clinical experience of the company’s co-founders.

According to Dr. Mohsen Omrani, CEO of OPTT Health: “It is well known that a well-constructed interview is the best diagnostic tool. intimacy and precision of an individual interview, because it was – until now – often based on multiple-choice questionnaires that lacked nuance and texture.

The new OPTT Screening and Triage Toolkit provides clinicians with an accurate and actionable assessment of patient mental status and data-driven insights into care outcomes to aid in clinical decision-making. This is done using OPTT’s proprietary natural language processing algorithms which detect symptomatic language use in patients’ narratives of their mental health issues and detect subtle changes in the pitch and tone of their voice using Canary Speech technology. By using these technologies to streamline and automate mental state assessment, there will also be less room for human error.

OPTT Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nazanin Alavi, adds that “this will be especially valuable in the triage process, where a clinical provider needs to quickly and accurately prioritize different patients and treat them all appropriately and optimally. The experience of speaking is much more natural and expressive for many patients, especially when patients have varying levels of literacy Much of mental health diagnosis is about the patient’s expression and clinician’s understanding of emotions And a lot of our emotional expression comes through our voice.”

The partnership will allow patient voice inputs to be contextually analyzed and perform data analysis and extraction in the same way that a clinician would during an in-person interview. For example, the algorithm is able to understand how an identical word can mean different things, depending on the context in which it is used. It also provides clinically relevant information that is important in deciding a patient’s diagnosis or choice of treatment by tracking the degree of symptomatology of his or her language use (e.g., how well does language reflect- he symptoms of depression and how does this change during treatment).

Used correctly, the platform provides cost savings of between 50% and 66% and increases a clinician’s productivity by up to 300%.

About OPTT Health

Co-founded by Dr. Mohsen Omrani and Dr. Nazanin Alavi, OPTT Health is one of the fastest growing digital mental health care companies in North America. He received the Mental Health Innovation Zone Award from the American Psychiatric Association and is the winner of the Youth Mental Health Challenge (sponsored by the World Economic Forum and UNICEF).

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