Tampa General Experts Share Healthcare Innovations at Senate Committee Hearing

Tampa General Experts Share Healthcare Innovations at Senate Committee Hearing

The Senate Committee on Health Policy hosted two roundtables this week – one on the benefits of hospital home care and the other on effective techniques that health care providers can use as an alternative to hospital services. ’emergency.

Tampa General had an expert presence on both panels: Dr. peter changVice President of Healthcare Design at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and Assistant Professor in the Division of Cardiology at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, and Dr. Jason Wilsondirector of the Division of Emergency Medicine at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Medical Director of Care Transitions for Emergency Medicine at Tampa General Hospital.

“TGH at Home is the intersection of high technology and personalized care,” Chang said. “We are able to treat patients from the comfort of their own homes, while creating efficiencies, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.”

Tampa General launched TGH At Home in July 2022 to provide high-quality, hospital-level clinical care to lower-acuity patients in the comfort of their own home. The approach combines twice-daily visits to the patient’s home with state-of-the-art technology to monitor vital signs and conduct telehealth visits.

Based on the same standards used in the hospital, the model has been shown to reduce exposure to infection or infectious disease and reduce the risk of readmission while improving the patient experience.

“I greatly appreciated the unique perspective and insight provided by Dr. Peter Chang and the entire team at Tampa General,” said the president. Colleen Burton. “Innovation in the healthcare industry is critical to ensuring quality patient care, and I’m proud to say that Florida is leading the way in innovative healthcare solutions through strategic partnerships with providers such as Tampa General Hospital.”

Wilson briefed committee members on Tampa General’s efforts to direct patients to the most effective and efficient care options available, which may be a better choice for the patient than the emergency department (ED). By using alternatives, such as urgent care or telehealth, patients can get the right service at the right time.

Some of the pathways Wilson discussed better connect the ED to the community so that health care delivery can flow more smoothly across each area of ​​care and ensure the ED has the capacity and space to always treat patients in emergency situations.

“The emergency department serves as a hub for modern health care and unscheduled care,” Wilson said. “It is essential that emergency medicine participate in coordinated approaches to improving health care in Florida by helping patients get to the right place for their care.”

Wilson was part of a roundtable on efforts to ensure patients receive care in the best possible place, whether virtually or physically, in the emergency room, in an office, a mobile unit or via telemedicine.


Tuesday’s hearing marked the first meeting of the Senate Health Policy Committee this year. Other speakers were Michael Maniacs from the Mayo Clinic, Anne Claussen with Central Florida Health Care and Danielle Drummond of Lakeland Regional Health.

Tampa General has become a valuable resource for the Legislature on health care policy issues. In 2021, the Senate turned to Tampa General Hospital to develop and implement health guidelines and infectious disease protocols for the safety of Senate members, staff, media and visitors.

Also in 2021, then President of the Senate wilton simpson participated in a celebration of Florida Healthcare Heroes at the Capitol, hosted by Tampa General Hospital.

Additionally, several members of the Tampa General team were appointed by the Governor. Ron DeSantis to sit on state boards.

dr. Seema WeinsteinDirector of Psychology and Neuropsychology Services at Tampa General Hospital, serves on the Psychology Board. Annmarie ChavarriaChief Nursing Officer of Tampa General, sits on the Florida Center for Nursing Board. Mayan giftDirector of Pharmacy Services at Tampa General, was recently reappointed to the Board of Pharmacy. Nicole Justicesenior director of patient safety at Tampa General, sits on the board of medicine.

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