Twitch influencer Jessica Fernandez films a man staring at her 'like a piece of meat' at the gym

Twitch influencer Jessica Fernandez films a man staring at her ‘like a piece of meat’ at the gym

A Twitch streamer has gone viral after posting a video of a ‘wild’ gym goer staring at her ‘like a piece of meat’ during a workout.

Jessica Fernandez, a video game and lifestyle content creator with nearly 56,000 subscribers on Twitch and 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, posted the video to Twitter last week where it has since been viewed 2.6 million times.

“This guy kept making me extremely uncomfortable in the gym,” she wrote.

“That’s why I’ll end up crying on stream [because] I feel so disgusted at times with the amount of sexualization that I’m going through. Hopefully this raises awareness for girls who are undergoing this type of treatment at the gym.

In the video, Fernandez lifts weights while a man in the background can be seen repeatedly watching her.

“Stupid piece of fucking shit behind me,” she whispers into her microphone. “I hate it. I hate it when there’s weirdos. It makes me so uncomfortable. Wild, wild, wild, wild, like, fucking wild.

Later in the video, the man approaches her and offers to help her put some weight on her barbell.

Fernandez lashed out at the man, calling him “savage” and a crackpot.

“Do you want to put it on?” he asks.

She replies, “You don’t have to do that, it’s fine. I got it, thanks anyway.

After she leaves, she continues to fume in front of the camera: “What part of me that’s dragging myself around looks like a damsel in distress?”

Fernandez explained on Twitter that the man’s gaze “triggered my flight or fight and my response to past traumas.”

“I was totally fine until he followed me to my squat rack in the corner of the gym,” she said.

One Twitter user replied, “I don’t understand how hard it is to mind your own business, people aren’t in the gym to be stared at or hit on, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Another said: “Looking at the gym is 100% normal, it gets on my nerves, but what are people supposed to be looking at? The floor? Walking towards and grabbing the weight…now that’s not normal.

However, a number of social media users claimed she was wrong.

“Girls like that go to the gym just to chase influence and be toxic. This man has done nothing wrong. And she hides comments that call her. REALLY weak for someone who goes to the gym”, a the woman said.

Host Daily Wire matt walch wrote: “Watched the whole video. The guy peeks around several times, probably wondering why she’s checking in. Then he comes and offers to help her pile on the weights. She refuses, he says, “Oh OK”, and walks away. The end. She’s the problem here, not him.

He added: “Ladies, if you’re wondering why you don’t meet decent men, maybe it’s because they’re afraid of being publicly shamed as predators if they even look in your direction. Or God forbid trying to talk to you.

Responding to suggestions that she overreacted, Fernandez claimed that many people took the video “out of context”.

“Found a squat rack area in the corner of the gym,” she wrote in a long thread.

The Twitch streamer's approach to humiliating the man has divided the internet.
The Twitch streamer’s approach to humiliating the man has divided the internet.

“He followed me there right after I made [reverse dead lifts]. There were plenty of ab machines to use, but he chose one that didn’t do his workout half the time. The mirror was facing me and not the whole gym, so he wasn’t looking around, there was only a mirror in my direction.

“I’m constantly harassed by men in public spaces when I show even an inch of skin, so yeah, I get pissed off when they stare at me for disturbing periods of time. I’m not looking for views or clicks. I just to post this to raise awareness of how upset a woman can feel about being stared at.

“I don’t think it’s wrong to look at someone once and be like oh she’s a pretty girl, but personally I put my headphones on I MIND my business and make sure I have the look unapproachable because I’m only here to film gym vlogs and work on my progress in the gym.

“I wouldn’t do this for attention at all. I don’t trust random strangers, no one should – don’t you know their intentions?

“I can see how this makes me feel like I have an inflated ego, but I am an attractive girl by beauty standards and am extremely sexually harassed online. This way.

“I’m also extremely antisocial and being hit on is never a compliment to me. I don’t like being approached, I haven’t been out in a year because I hate being sexualized.

“It still happens and I’m frustrated. Is it normal for girls to feel like this because it happens OFTEN? »

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